Electric Playground Equipment
electric playground series includes merry-go-round,mini train,electric rocking rider,etc.
Merry go round is attractive in appearance and vivid in color. It is welcomed by children. When the equipment starts the turntable of it rotates gradually, and the horses that connected with the turntable will go up and down along the turntable. It makes the passengers feel like riding on a real horse. The product is applicable to all parks and playgrounds and the Children's Palace.
Mini train belongs to track type play equipment, which widely used in playground, square, park and many various of indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Mini train adopts to high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastics, and have the feature of environmental corrosion resistance stability and reliability and very beautiful. Mini train is very welcomed and loved by market and children. It can make a single ring and bicyclic according to playgrounds and users requirements.
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