Children Education Toys
Kids education toys products has include kids Furniture(kids bed,cupboard,shoe shelf), desktop Toys(lego toys,building block) soft Playground Combination(soft sofa,soft slide,soft balls pool), office Equipment(blackboard,desk and chairs,tables and charis),etc.
They are new series for children to play and develop intelligence, and very popular with children. Desktop toy is one of education toys and very popular in the kingdergarten and parent-child garten. Children can jump, climb, twirl and glide by parent-child paradise, most parts of them are children's entertainment. Children Education Toy, One the basis of these characteristics,
The soft stain works and the pool is to supply. According to different requirement, we can design different styles. Each product has its theme and is very interesting.
Products are exported to more than 60 countries.The product has passed SGS certification ,CE standard in Europe and CCC certification. If you want more information please feel freely to contact us at Sales@Outdoor-Playground.Net